• Scuba Diver diving in Cyprus Paphos
  • Scuba - Underwater Turtle seen next to Paphos coast
  • Training in pool before first Scuba underwater diving, Akti hotel Paphos
  • Professionals on Training for becoming Scuba Diving PADI certified divers in Paphos

Welcome to ABC Dive Club

ABC Dive Club is PADI certified diving club for everyone, starting from diving school for kids up to teaching how to become PADI certified rescue instructor. Our office is based in Cyprus, Paphos (Pafos) in city center.

We feel that our customers should have 100% of our attention in order to get the most of our courses, therefore we like to train in small groups, one instructor training groups of no more than 2 or 3 people.

The progressive training system offered by PADI means that you will start from the most simple level and progress up to more difficult levels and form theoretical knowledge to actual practice. We will make your stay comfortable and the training fun, all you need to do is enjoy the diving and the beauty of Cyprus!

The "ABC Dive" Club offers diving equipment of the highest quality. All equipment and safety procedures are fully in accordance with PADI standards. We make no compromises and spare no cost to ensure that our safety standards are the highest possible.

Ten Reasons Why Diving in Cyprus is fun!

  1. The weather is always warm and it never rains during the summer season.
  2. The food is amazing. Plenty of tavernas around that will serve delicious Greek food.
  3. Local beer and local are cheap to buy.
  4. Rich culture & history. Lots of heritage and historical tours available to see in by taking tours.
  5. Everyone speaks English.
  6. Cyprus is positioned almost directly in the centre of the world geographically.
  7. Stunning scenery all around.
  8. Short flight of four and half hours from the UK to Paphos or Limassol.
  9. Great dive spots can be taken up in the clear blue waters of Cyprus.
  10. Beautiful beaches all over Island.

Diving For Beginners

Learning to dive in Akti Hotel pool

We offer PADI courses for everyone who wants to try diving. If you have never tried before but would like to see if it's for you then The "Discover" course is for YOU.

Scuba Diving For PADI Certified Divers

Cyprus Diving courses for certified divers

Our club offers wide range of diving types for divers who wish to expand their knowledge or just to have fun in warm waters of Cyprus.

Diving of the Highest Quality.

Why choose to dive? Because is a true relaxation for those who have the courage, those who appreciate the taste of freedom and for those who like to achieve something new even when on holiday in Cyprus.

Cyprus Dive Sites

What is needed for successful diving? Warm, azure water clear as crystal, with a rich and diverse variety of sea life, flora and fauna, all located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean sea. On top of the natural beauty of Cyprus is an unusual collection of rarities highly prized by divers.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Our club stands for the best of both worlds, "Diving in Cyprus". Everything here is simple, we have customers from all countries, learning from a team of qualified and experienced experts.

Training: PADI courses

Our club is one of over a thousand other dive centers and clubs, that form the "Professional Association of Diving Instructors"(PADI). Today PADI, with 70% of the world market, is the biggest association instructing and training divers to an international standard.